“Your Business Operations Support Specialist”

Our philosophy is to be an added value service to your business, by foster strong long term relationships to achieve successful project realisations and to build trust.

Global Solutions

EquaCom takes a global approach through its alliances and provides a unique solution to workforce integration, as such operates in Equatorial Guinea with international reach and networks.

Professional Services

EquaCom has the experience and expertise to address complex issues specific to each country or region, allowing your in-house talent to focus on your core business strategies

We think along with you!

Together, we can manage change and consolidation. Whatever complexities you face… our processes are built to be fast, flexible and reliable.

Our Team

Equacom is about people. An experienced, dynamic and prepared TEAM that shares the enthusiasm to achieing succesful project realizations.

Global Solutions Partner

In today’s competitive global economy, we know that strong relationships are more important than ever to our ability to meet customers’ needs.

Our preferred Global Collaborations are those that work with us in a professional, ethical, competitive, and cost-effective manner. 

Our future depends on innovative and customized local support solutions that aligns with international standards and regulations, to be a value-added service partner for the business communities of Equatorial Guinea, and the beyond.


Helping businesses succeed in Equatorial Guinea is our core business.

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